The value of sports

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The wheel of time enters 2021. In each other's blessings for the future, "health" is a high-frequency word. Using exercise to fuel health is becoming a choice in daily life for more and more people. Just like the New Year’s Day holiday that just passed, playing ball, running, skiing...we were born in sweat, and the health and joy brought by sports wrote a vivid footnote for a better life.

Countless such ordinary life scenes are also the cornerstone of building a sports power and a healthy China. The Fifth Plenary Session of the Nineteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China proposed to build a strong sports country and a healthy China by 2035. you can see, There are clear guidelines and follow for the development of sports. Injecting high-quality development connotations into building a sports power, the comprehensive value of sports needs to build a new development coordinate on a larger stage. New opportunities are growing.

Looking back on the extraordinary 2020, sports has left a special mark on it. Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, some sports events and activities have been cancelled or postponed, but people's awareness of fitness and health has been unprecedentedly stimulated. Online marathon is a contingency plan, but the enthusiasm of participants has opened up the imagination of active action for smart sports; "Cloud Fitness" is not fancy, just look at the popular fitness software that gathers thousands of enthusiasts. , It is not difficult to feel the vitality contained therein.

From the consumption of sports equipment to the consumption of sports scenes, the sports industry must become the pillar industry of the national economy; from the excitement of community sports to the passion of professional leagues, sports can bring together more forces for social harmony; let children run Get up, civilization is its spirit, brutality is its physique, and sports are an indispensable companion in growth...If you look at sports from economic, social, cultural, educational and other angles, you will see a colorful picture. Only by opening up the development path for sports from multiple angles, can sports become an important means to promote the all-round development of people and truly lay a foundation in life.



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