The coronavirus’ impact on the sports world | ABC News

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The coronavirus’ impact on the sports world | ABC News Players are not excited about many sports leagues resorting to a “no fans in the stands” mandate in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

We Start this half-hour with impact the coronavirus could have in the sports world for player and fans , it's a busy time in the season but there's talk games could go on behind closed door so the speak maybe see Zachary Kish joins us with more on that . 

Zachary , "Good morning , we've already seen what this looks like in some countries, a basketball games in Japan  held behind a closed dorr South cerf and known for their passion and energy absend in Italy , it's been said that fans make the game what it is in many ways ,The true home court advantages now the prospect , they could be benched the the virus , here in the unites states , coronavirus is the opponent , no team prepared for this season , and it goes from Erickson , It's kovac 19 spreads around the world , the possibility of athlete playing in empty stadiums like these is growing  , i will be pointing miles more chance for the whole game for that , Now the NBA has told team to have a contingency plan in place by Tuesday , that would limit atteddees to only what is deemed essential staff what these teams, do i think will determine a lot of the way , people feel about their city and feel the safety , if they can do out or not a game without the fans , hard to imagin for some of the sports biggest starts . the move is latest steps for a league that already advice no autographs or hardshakes with fans overnight , the virus clearly on players minds takes a look  at these six risk player sharing a pregame hanshake and appearing ,include wsahing their hand , The NBA  isn't the only league taking action baseball game i makeing changes , and that's a recommendation of the CDC, The NHL is wearing their own preventive measure including closing locker room , access the members . ....

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